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Friday, March 16, 2012

Domain And Hosting

The Domain name 

The Domain name and hosting selection guild line. In today’s world, Website become most is a moderately inexpensive business tool that serves a purpose for both you and your clients. To advertise through website, it is a reasonably inexpensive. Through a website you can earn money online, advertise your produce and service. The first thing to have a website is a domain name. To obtain a suitable domain name for your business does not cost very much anymore. Before you choose a domain name, go to Google Adwords first to estimate the traffic of your website keyword. If the Login through Gmail account then you need not have to put capture every search. 

Tips and tricks in domain name. 

 Short and it is memorable, i.e., easy to remember. 

 Simple and easy to pronounce. 

 Domain name is related to your website. 

 Must put the main keyword in domain name. 

 SEO friendly Domain name. 

 If the required domain name is not available then you may also use hyphens. But try to avoid it as hyphen is not SEO friendly. 

 First preference should be .com extension; If not available then go for .net or .org, etc. 

 Good domain name will help you get good Page Rank in Google, and get more traffic which boosts the income of your site. 


Hosting You can choose from a lot of different WEB HOSTS. It's important to compare between different providers and to make sure that you really get the features you need, you don't want to pay too much, but still you don't want to be stuck with a provider that doesn't upscale your needs.

For Hosting you can select:



3. Go Daddy $ special offer for Latin America

After select domain name and hosting, you go for promote your site. To do this you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO).